LavaCon 2013 SWU Team

Heading to the City of Roses

Heading to the City of Roses

We’re excited to announce our SWU team for LavaCon 2013. Hailing from across the US and Canada. They’re a talented group who have full command over all 26 letters of the alphabet and can even put those letters into some clever unique orders when required. We’ve checked stamina and their ability to focus after having large amazing meals while running on limited sleep. Our crew can do all of this and the Robot more.

Our 2013 Team

Kristen James Eberlein | @kriseberlein

Ryan Minaker | @RyanMinaker

Tracy Taylor | @ipsque

Jill Viers | @jillpviers

We’ll be covering LavaCon Conference from October 20 to Oct 24 in beautiful Portland, Oregon. Haven’t heard of LavaCon or still haven’t made up your mind about going? Tech Writer Today published a nice article on the conference earlier today.

You can register up to the start of the conference, but early registration (and a discount) ends after September 21st. Enter TECHWHIRL for a $50 discount.

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