TechWhirl has two main audiences: technical communicators and people who wish to learn more about content management and technical communications. As of today, we estimate around 80% of our audience are technical communicators or technical writers with the remaining 20% representing the general public. This is 80% is down from 99.9% in December 2012 thanks to our SEO work and strategic expansion of audiences in Q1 2013.

Our long-term goal is to have 90% to 95% general public and the remainder as technical communicators. This shouldn’t be taken as a shift away from focusing on the needs of communicators, but the fact there are more people in the general public than in our communication ranks. We intend to be the destination of choice for all communicators and general public when they want to know more about content management and business / technical communications.

Some Statistics (member survey in spring 2012) we’re willing to share publicly:

  • TechWhirl’s online properties have over 40,000 unique visitors a month
  • Over a third of our readers and discussion list members have completed graduate or post-graduate studies (almost everyone else is a college graduate)
  • 55 percent of our email discussion list hold mid- to senior-level management positions
  • The typical TechWhirler has between 12 and 20 years experience in writing, editing and document design
  • They see technical communications as more than just a job; technical writing forms part of their personal identity
  • We average around 2,750 people on our email discussion lists and generate over 400 discussions a month

Please contact us and we’ll share far more detailed information on our current and projected statistics.