Product Reviews and Evaluations

Not all reviews are created equal. The study found the most influential reviews were, “those that seem fair and reasonable (32 percent), are well-written (27 percent) and contain statistics, specifications and technical data (25 percent). – Forbes

Consumers regularly cite product reviews and evaluations as one of their keys to making a final product or service purchase. However, a thorough professional review can serve more than just Content Marketing purposes, it can serve critical input to your product roadmap.

TechWhirl’s Product Reviews and Evaluations provide an opportunity for your company to get an expert objective opinion on your recent or upcoming product from the customer’s point-of-view. We work with you to define key review criteria such as user interface, capabilities, ease of install, or even ease of learning. Members of TechWhirl’s SWU include a thorough review of your documentation as part of the detailed analysis we compile.

It’s important to note that these Reviews and Evaluations are completely separate from TechWhirl’s online reviews. Our reviews and feedback are confidential to you, our partner.

Contact us to learn more about our Product Reviews and Evaluations capabilities or to organize a consultation to talk through your needs.