Value Proposition and How-To Articles

“People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole.”
                                     -Theodore Levitt , former Harvard marketing professor 

Focus solely on telling your current and potential customers about the product rather than its potential to solve the problems in their lives and you miss a huge opportunity—to guide their journey by building their product understanding.  It’s important to sell the hole, not the drill; because real relationships occur when customers start understanding the benefits.
Questions to consider in developing value proposition content:

  • What does your product or service do for a customer?
  • What benefits will they receive if they switch from their current service to yours?
  • How can they use your product to make their work-life easier?

We know that it’s fairly easy to explain how a product works by describing all of the features, and that it’s equally difficult to address the value proposition and full benefits of a product. It’s especially true in an age of agile development and lean staffs. TechWhirl Business Content Services can tell your products’ stories and explain in clear, concise, and compelling language how customers will get the most from their purchase.

Our talented and creative group of technologists and writers can evaluate your products (many of which we’re already using), study the market, and provide article after article explaining the real-life benefits, actual use cases, and unique capabilities of your product. Why settle for another blog post detailing a dry technical specification, when you can provide customers and potential customers with content that helps them really understand your product’s uses, appreciate its benefits and share their enthusiasm?

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