White Papers and Market Research

A white paper is a persuasive essay sponsored as a piece of marketing content by an organization. –thatWhitePaperGuy.Com

White Papers and Market Research are the two most effective thought-leadership marketing tools available today. The content of reports, or essays, only differ in presentation and are often interlinked. While Market Research reports present “just the facts” –Percentage of CXOs considering Single-Sourced Content Management Solutions –White Papers deliver formal arguments on an issue and provide recommendations for an optimal solution.

These two concepts represent the pinnacle of thought leadership, because they offer brand new information or thinking to a subject. They’re also very time intensive to research, outline and draft. However, when complete they’re the best tools a company has for customer engagement. Potential customers use them during their research early in the sales cycle, and current customers appreciate receiving new thinking from one of their business partners.

The very best thought leadership content appears again and again, helping bleeding edge become business as usual. We can help you leverage this exceptional content with a plan to repackage it, from a white paper to webinar, or a presentation to a feature article.

Contact us today for a free White Paper and Market Research consultation. During our one-hour conversation, we’ll learn more about your company, its marketing objectives and talk through some options for research and White Papers. Or, if you already know what you want to research we can talk through key ingredients and prepare a proposal.